Monday, May 18, 2015


Culture Keepers Quilt

About PGAAMCC Culture Keepers:   The Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center is proud to present Culture Keepers, an arts and cultural after-school program at Northwestern and Suitland High Schools.  The focus of the Culture Keepers program is to expose high school  students to Prince George’s County African American history, culture, and art.  Major projects produced by Culture Keepers are innovative community arts and history research projects, that includes public murals and cross- cultural collaborations. 
Currently, Culture Keepers is held at CVPA, Suitland High School in District Heights and Northwestern High School, VPA in Hyattsville, Maryland. 

About Art Project: At War with Ourselves: The Battle of and for the Black Face Boy: PGAAMCC’s Culture Keepers at CVPA, Suitland High School and Northwestern High School, VPA, collaborated with the University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center to create  art work in conjunction with the Center’s At War with Ourselves: The Battle of and for the Black Face Boy poetry project. Culture Keepers worked with PGAAMCC educators and artists to research the historical content of the poem and later create art based on their research. 
The video art and quilt interprets the poem  The Battle of and for the Black Face by Nikky Finney. The poem expresses the African American male experience in the U.S.
The poem also explores the African American presence in the Civil War and offers a focused and uncensored gaze at what tore our nation apart; racially and culturally, past and present.  

Project Title: At War with Ourselves: The Battle of and for the Black Face Boy Public Art Project
Art Projects:
1. Video Art Installation
2. Mixed Media Quilt

Culture Keepers, Suitland High School:
Kennedy Kirksey
Bryanna Rather
Mary Lane
Kenetia Pinkett
Karima Winter
Naima Shaw
Janelle Hobbs
Yasmin Eubanks 

Culture Keepers, Northwestern High School:
Angeline Kline
Georges Ngayap Hatcheu
Summer Judd
Destiny Porter-Stephans
Mabel Perez
Program Teacher Liaisons:
Maria Salanda
Roxanne France-Woods
Jamea Richmond-Edwards
Teaching Artists
Shaymar Higgs
Paul Grant
Chanel Compton
Arvenita Washington-Cherry, Ph.D